BREAKING: FBI Reveals Bombshell – Still Going After…

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) just released a bombshell announcement. In spite of heartbreaking news about former FBI agent Robert Levinson’s likely death, the U.S. government is still going after the truth.

“We won’t give up, because we don’t give up on family, and Bob, his wife Christine, and all of their children will always be part of our FBI family,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray in an agency-wide email.

Levinson, who was taken captive by the Iranian government in 2007, became the longest-held American hostage by a foreign power in 2013. While the U.S. pleased for his release, Iran never followed through on promises to negotiate.

It is now tragically believed that Levinson is dead. Wray met with his family and “explained that the most credible evidence that we have collected over the past 13 years points to the likelihood that Bob died in captivity.”

However, the search for answers won’t be abandoned — the Levinson deserves to know the truth and the FBI will “keep working doggedly to determine the circumstances surrounding Bob’s abduction,” said Wray.

The Iranian government, of course, denies that Levinson died in captivity and has claimed that he left years ago. But there is an obvious credibility question with Iran, a tyrannical terror-state long hostile to the United States.

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