BREAKING: FBI Lies Exposed In Stunning Report – Trump Is FURIOUS

Ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) said on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures that text messages now prove the FBI lied to Congress and that they can’t be allowed to get away with their actions.

Nunes referenced text messages by then-FBI agent Peter Strzok about the investigation into Trump campaign associate George Papadopoulos, in which he called Papadopoulos a “phony target.”

“And, here, we have a text message that was clearly relevant to our investigation that they hid from us,” he continued. “And look, I would also say it’s now clear that Papadopoulos was so mistreated, it’s just so unbelievable.”

“I mean, they’re actually — this — the FBI and DOJ in this country ought to be ashamed of themselves, mocking a target that they knew was a phony target,” he said. “They’re making fun of Papadopoulos. This is really, really bad, and somebody needs to pay a price for it.”

I’m sure the incoming Biden administration will not rest until it brings Strozk and the FBI to justice.

Read the full story here.

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