BREAKING: FBI Is Coming For Them – Democrats Fuming

FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a Fox News interview that aired Wednesday that the agency would investigate the destruction of monuments in cases where it was “appropriate” for the FBI to do so.

“Look, equal justice is essential, but violence and destruction of federal property is not the way to get there,” Wray asserted. “And if there are appropriate bases for federal investigations, we’ll pursue them.”

While some may wonder why any investigation into violent destruction of government property wouldn’t be “appropriate,” Wray’s comment probably refers to cases where federal jurisdiction exists rather than cases that would be a state or local matter.

While it would be great to see statue desecrators punished on a federal level, that probably won’t be possible for every situation where a monument was attacked by angry rioters.

I do hope the FBI and other law enforcement agencies do pursue these lawbreakers to the fullest extent that they are able. If we don’t manage to send the message that violence and destruction are wrong and won’t be tolerated, we will be encouraging a lot more of it in the future.

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