BREAKING: FBI FISA Scheme Exposed – Proof Is Shocking

A new report shows that the FBI routinely breaks its own rules when filing FISA applications, calling into question whether recent attempts to reform the process will be successful.

The FBI is only one of 17 agencies that can make FISA applications, but has come under scrutiny for a large number of errors in its applications because of the investigation into whether the Trump Russia collusion probe was justified.

Napolitano said on Fox News that the FBI was “probably motivated by politics” when it sought FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on then-candidate Donald Trump and his campaign.

He criticized the court for allowing erroneous FISA applications to continue and not holding the FBI accountable for mistakes.

“Of what value is this court if it knows the applications before it are defective and the people coming before them are breaking the law, and it lets them continue to do so?” Napolitano asked.

See the full video here.

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