BREAKING: FBI Drops Investigation – Complete Exoneration

The FBI just dropped a major investigation and it is being called a “clear exoneration” by at least one high-ranking official. But this doesn’t mean every person-of-interest is off the hook yet — far from it.

“The Justice Department is dropping its investigation into three U.S. senators who sold stocks early in the coronavirus pandemic but zeroing in on their investigation into Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.,” reported Fox News.

Burr allegedly had more direct involvement in the decision to dump stocks that were about to take a huge hit, while other U.S. senators, such as Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), are declaring victory over the scandal.

“Today’s clear exoneration by the Department of Justice affirms what Senator Loeffler has said all along – she did nothing wrong,” said Loeffler’s campaign in a statement that blamed “the fake news media” for the hysteria.

For his part, Burr has admitted that he sold the stocks because of the looming COVID-19 crisis, however, he is adamant that his decision was only informed by publicly available news coming out of Asia.

The DOJ will eventually determine whether the probe into Burr — who chairs the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee — warrants being dropped as well or if prosecutorial action should be taken.

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