BREAKING: Fauci’s NIH Busted In DISGUSTING Experiments – Taxpayers Furious…

The National Institute of Health under Dr. Anthony Fauci has been caught funding another deadly animal experiment, this time in Russia–and this one is still going on.

The experiment involves the spinal cords of cats, and it has received over $2.7 million U.S. taxpayer dollars from NIH grants funneled through the Georgia Institute of Technology to the Pavlov Institute of Physiology in St. Petersburg, Russia since 2017.

So far, 18 cats have had parts of their brains removed and electrodes implanted. Then they were forced to walk on a treadmill.

White Coat Waste Project brought the experiment to light, and Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI) has introduced a bill to ban U.S. funding of animal experiments abroad, which she said don’t have much if any accountability for how experiments are conducted and how animals are treated.

In addition, McClain doesn’t think U.S. taxpayer money should be sent to any “foreign adversaries” like Russia or China.

Read the full story here.

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