BREAKING: Fauci Is DONE – Announcement Stuns America

All of us normal people have been suspecting it, but now we have our man on the inside confirming!

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) made the announcement during a visit on Fox News: “Fauci probably won’t be around come next election cycle because he is going to become a liability for the Democrats next fall.”

Apparently, House Intelligence Committee Republicans have been running an investigation.

And it’s not looking good for Fauci.

“We’ve been running an investigation — House Intelligence Committee Republicans with no help of the Democrats, no surprise there, I’m sure. But look, this is continuing. An investigation is ongoing. Fauci needs to answers the questions. U.S. Senators have asked them, and U.S. Congressmen have asked them and won’t answer these questions. Look, my prediction here is, and I’m willing to bet you a dinner here, is that Fauci probably won’t be around come next election cycle.”

Well, if the results of this investigation end up like Nunes says they will, it doesn’t look like Dr. Tony’s going to be around for much longer!

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