BREAKING: Fauci Gets EXPOSED – It’s All Out In The Open Now

Dr. Anthony Fauci was just completely exposed. It is all out in the open now and he can’t escape the truth. Now everyone knows about it.

Conservative commentator Mark Steyn, filling for Tucker Carlson on Fox News, recently called out Fauci for his unreliable and hypocritical COVID-19 response. Steyn didn’t hold back one bit — Fauci has been put on notice.

Steyn said that the “infallible Fauci, Director of the centers for goalpost moving has a touch of the old mission creep,” and he brought up Fauci’s two-step on “herd immunity” as one of the reasons.

“You would need somewhere between 70 to 75, maybe 80 percent of the population vaccinated,” said Fauci in a clip. “OK, but it could soon be 99.99 percent,” noted Steyn. “How does that sound for herd immunity?”

“As long as the herd is staying home,” quipped Steyn. But this is exactly the problem with Fauci’s guidance — he keeps giving it and moving the goalposts randomly, thereby undercutting his guidance.

Americans have been wearing masks and social distancing for months; the virus has continued to spread. Will Fauci finally relent after most Americans are vaccinated? Don’t count on it.

Read the full story here.

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