BREAKING: Fauci Gets Devastating Notice – Fired!

A recent poll revealed that the majority of people see Dr. Anthony Fauci for the complete liar he is.

“More bad news for mad scientist and serial liar Dr. Anthony Fauci as new polling shows a plurality of voters believe he’s a liar who should be forced to resign,” reported Breitbart News.

“After the revelation last week that Fauci lied under oath about giving our mortal enemies in China funding for gain of function research,” Breitbart News reported, “his public credibility landed in the toilet.”

A recent Rasmussen poll asked 1,000 voters questions about Fauci. Here are three of the questions and their results:

“Do you believe Dr. Anthony Fauci told the truth about U.S. government funding for gain-of-function research?”

33 percent believe he told the truth, while 49 percent say he lied.

“Should Fauci be forced to resign?”

40 percent said no, 46 percent said yes.

“How likely is it that COVID-19 was originated in a Chinese laboratory?”

71 percent fell into the very likely and somewhat likely category while only 16 percent said not very likely or not at all.

“There is just no question the public has lost confidence in Fauci,” according to Breitbart News. “He’s been a walking punch line for months now.”

To read more about how awful Fauci is, click here.

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