BREAKING: Fauci Decrees Thanksgiving Order – Do It Or Else

Dr. Anthony Fauci wants Americans to wear a mask indoors during Thanksgiving if hosts have guests in their homes.

Fauci’s advice is a secondary warning in the case citizens dare not heed the advice of the CDC which advised against traveling at all for the holiday.

“I know that it’s a precious period of time, the holiday season when we get together, but please don’t do something that in fact would put you and your family in danger such as getting a crowded group of people coming from different places and airports or what have you,” said Fauci.

Obviously, people cannot have a mask on while enjoying their turkey dinner and holiday treats, but Fauci wants masks worn at all other times.

“In other areas and other times, when you’re in the house, if you have people in your home that are not members of the immediate household and you’re not real sure as to their level of exposure, then to the extent possible you should wear the mask indoors with the obvious exception of when you are eating and drinking,” said Fauci.

To read more about Fauci’s comments, click here.

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