BREAKING: Fauci Death Announcement – America Shocked

Dr. Anthony Fauci accused media figures and politicians that criticize him of “killing people” during an interview on MSNBC, pointing to his 50-year career of “following science” as why he should not be criticized.

“I’m not in it for a popularity contest. I’m trying to save lives,” Fauci said. “The people who weaponize lies are killing people. So the only question I have is that when you show Tucker Carlson and Peter Navarro criticizing me, I consider that a badge of honor.”

Tucker Carlson said of Fauci during a recent show, “He decided to unilaterally end Christmas.”

Former Trump administration advisor Peter Navarro said during an OAN interview, “We want to take Fauci down and put him in an orange jumpsuit.”

“They’re telling people to do things that they’re going to die from and telling me I should go to jail,” Fauci said. Not only was that statement arrogant hyperbole, but he also lied repeatedly to the American people about the so-called science.

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9 Responses

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  3. Fauci needs to be removed from office. He has lied to the American people. To me he has committed treason and crimes against humanity.

  4. Fauci need to be in prison. If it was not for him giving China the money to help make a virus, that has killed a lot of people around the world. We wouldn’t be in this mess!!

  5. Fauci is a liar. He’s killing alot of folks with his “scientific” advice… “Wait for it, because it’s coming!” Be smart, and protect your natural immunity… If you don’t have your health… You are simply out of luck!!!

  6. US Tax dollars AGAIN just went again to the Wuhan lab, a lab controlled by the communist Chinese government!!! Hasn’t anyone involved learned anything from what happened? That lab has a history of being sloppy in their cleanliness. And why should US taxpayers be paying for what amounts to bio weapons research for the CCP’s military, regardless of what name they’re using. Is Fauchi involved in this again? If he is, then he should be fired for his stupidity.

  7. Fauci has lied and the liberal news that owns abt 98% of everything we read, hear and see is not showing the evidence the 2% is showing. Ppl think if the majority reports it than it must be true! Libs own majority of what is being reported…they own most of the social media networks….the fact checkers they tell us to go to for ‘their’ evidence…control not only the unions…but our schools, sports and Hollywood. That’s a lot of power and control. Don’t like what you say…they will remove you from the platform, your job and destroy your name. Very much like other communist countries. So many ppl getting rich off the vaccine….do the math. At $40 a person ….figure every person in the USA and the countries the USA paid to cover ppl in other countries….the $$$$ are in the billions! Now add the children and a booster! Faucie is ignoring the science medical experts around the world are claiming to be true! He acts like he’s a Medical God knowing more than them! no one knows what these vaccines and boosters do to our bodies. The vax does NOT have the antibodies like the polio vaccine did. What will it do to pregnant women….those trying to get pregnant….children….or others years from now. Today we have meds and the antibodies to treat ppl with Covid and successful most of the time if ppl get treated early. Fauci wants to keep claiming he’s being honest…play the victim care…then take a public polygraph test in front of the world and prove it!

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