BREAKING: Fauci Caught In Humiliating Scandal – He’s Done

Dr. Anthony Fauci was caught maskless during a press briefing at the White House in yet another incredible example of bad optics from the Biden Administration.

After just a few days into President Joe Biden’s term, there have already been a series of head-scratching episodes involving influential individuals not wearing masks despite Biden’s nagging that masks must be worn.

Fauci delivered remarks at the White House press briefing without a mask despite an executive order written by Joe Biden requiring masks be worn on federal property.

To further add to the irony, Fauci said in his briefing that Americans “absolutely should be wearing a mask” and that they need to wear masks properly.

The cognitive dissonance in the Biden administration is reaching levels that shouldn’t even be possible. It is clear that these people don’t actually believe what they say, and Americans should act accordingly.

Actions speak louder than words, and when the maskless Dr. Fauci tells Americans to wear masks, it becomes quite clear that masks serve an entirely different purpose outside of anything to do with public health.

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