BREAKING: Famous Trump Enemy Hauled Into Court – He’s Finished

Famous Trump enemy Michael Avenatti was just arrested for extortion and bank fraud in two different federal cases Monday morning.

Avenatti rose to fame for representing Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump in 2018. Avenatti also was rumored to hold aspirations for the White House, but his plan was derailed after being arrested for domestic violence in November.

The disgraced lawyer’s spectacular fall from grace continues after being arrested for “attempting to extort millions of dollars from Nike if his demands were not met.”

Prosecutors revealed that Avenatti threatened to use his clout to “inflict substantial financial and reputational harm” if Nike refused to pay him $22.5 million in hush-money.

Avenatti was also charged with embezzling $1.6 million from a client to fund his personal and business expenses. Additionally, he was charged with using fraudulent tax returns to secure a loan.

Stormy Daniels parted ways with Avenatti’s firm several weeks ago but revealed that she’s “not shocked” by the accusations. If convicted, Avenatti could face decades in prison for his financial crimes.

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