BREAKING: Famous Trump Enemy HAULED Into Court [Alert]

Famous Trump Enemy Christopher Steele is set to be hauled into court this fall. Steele wrote the anti-Trump dossier largely responsible for the FBI investigation into President Trump.

Since the release of the dossier, Steele has been targeted by multiple libel suits. Russian entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev’s suit will be the first one against Steele to reach a trial. Mr. Gubarev sued because Steele’s dossier listed him as a “criminal hacker”, a charge that was later disproven.

Additionally, according to the Washington Times, “Mr. Steele and his Orbis Business Intelligence firm also are being sued for defamation in London by three Russian oligarchs tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

Court filings from both cases have revealed shocking details of the Democrat conspiracy to smear President Trump. More details are expected to surface as the trial proceeds.

Read the full story here.

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