BREAKING: Famous Singer Dead At 81 – Fans Are Mourning

Millions of fans are mourning the death of a famous singer. He lived a fascinating and successful 81 years, and his groundbreaking music will remain as timeless as ever.

Art Neville, who mixed together jazz, rock, and soul, to create a unique sound befitting of his native New Orleans, was honored by Fox News and his adoring daughter. It was a touching tribute.

Neville’s daughter, Arthel, is a co-host of ‘America’s News Headquarters’ on the cable news station with Eric Shaw. The video Shaw played chronicled Neville’s storied career, such as winning three Grammy Awards — a monumental achievement.

After he passed away, his daughter said, “My heart is heavy, but my soul and spirit are full with a lifetime of unforgettable memories of my father. I thank God for my Daddy.”

“I thank each and every one of you for your prayers and well wishes,” Arthel concluded in a heartfelt Twitter post. The governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, also remembered the musician with a statement.

“Louisiana lost an icon today. Whether it was singing with the Neville Brothers or mamboing with The Meters, Art Neville took the unique sound of New Orleans and played it for the world to enjoy,” said Gov. Edwards.

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