BREAKING: Famous Democrat Indicted – Criminal Arrest Warrant

Dallas, Texas activist Dominique Alexander was indicted Monday for domestic violence following an alleged incident in his home.

Alexander’s partner Keyaira Saunders told police she came home on April 10 and found Alexander yelling at one of their children. He then pushed her around and she fell over a piece of furniture, fracturing her toe.

Later, Saunders asked police not to charge Alexander and presented an affadavit saying he didn’t hurt her. She said she felt “betrayed” by the police and a fellow activist who encouraged her to talk to them about the incident.

Saunders is now refusing to testify at a trial for Alexander. She blames the incident on stress caused by her failed political campaign for city council.

“My partner, Dominique and I found that the stress brought out the absolute worst in our relationship,” she said in a statement. “We fought over things that days later seemed meaningless.”

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