BREAKING: Fake Evidence Rocks Impeachment Trial – Democrats BUSTED

Former President Trump’s legal team has caught Democrats using dishonest evidence to push their case to have Trump convicted for allegedly inciting a riot on January 6th.

Democrats argued that Trump told his supporters that they had to “fight” against a “stolen election.” Trump attorney Michael T. van der Veen countered this by presented a plethora of examples where Democrats used similar rhetoric.

Van der Veen said, “This is ordinary political rhetoric that is virtually indistinguishable from language used by politicians for hundreds of years.” He followed that up by pointing out how President Biden had portrayed the election as a “battle for the soul of America.”

Trump’s legal team continued to point out other examples of Democrats using rhetoric far harsher and destabilizing than what Trump said.

Democrats don’t have a real case against Trump, and the only reason this trial is happening is because the Democrat-held House voted to impeach Trump with no thought to the merits of the case.

Both Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) have said that Democrats don’t have the votes to convict Trump in the Senate. Democrats had no case, and Trump will likely walk away free of conviction once again.

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