BREAKING: Fake Election News Shocks GOP – Here’s The Report…

Marc Short, who worked as Chief of Staff under former Vice President Mike Pence, told CBS’s “Face The Nation” that he did not believe Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) was involved in an alleged scheme to fake electors to Vice President Pence.

The Democrat-led January 6th Committee made the accusations that Senator Johnson was attempting to pass off a sheet of fake electors during the January 6th elector confirmation process.

CBS’s Margaret Brennan asked Short, “I want to ask you about abortion in a moment, but just here on this topic, the January 6 committee revealed this week that the Chief of Staff for Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin was trying to pass along fake electors to the Vice President to right before he was set to certify the election. Were you aware of this scheme? Was the senator directly involved?”

Short responded by saying, “I have no reason to believe that the senator was directly involved. I know that Chris Hodge, and our director of legislative affairs shared with me that in texts they came in and- and I’d said to Chris responded not to deliver that to the Vice President, because what we’ve learned when we sat down with the parliamentarian, Margaret, is it honestly, this happens, every cycle, that members send in separate fake sets of electors, every time, every four years. But, they come into the archives of the parliamentarian, and they dismiss them. If they’re not certified, it’s kind of meaningless.”

The January 6th Committee has essentially come up with a massive nothingburger and accused a sitting Senator of what amounts to election fraud.

Democrats are desperate to find anything they can possibly use to damage and discredit former President Trump and his allies. Thankfully, these latest allegations are, like the rest, meaningless and will go nowhere.

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