BREAKING: Facebook’s Secret EXPOSED – Zuckerberg Really Did It

Social media giant Facebook just had a major secret completely exposed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really did it and people can’t believe it.

“In a recent article, the Washington Post has provided an insight into Facebook’s secretive campaign to battle recent antitrust lawsuits,” reported Breitbart News this week.

According to the Post, “Facebook has long disputed the claims” against it and, furthermore, “the company’s top lawyers signaled that they would be open to changing some of its business practices.”

However, unfortunately for Facebook, the proposal was reportedly to allow “another firm of developer” to create its own version of a social network, but with Facebook’s “powerful code” and “intricate web of relationships.”

This proposal was rejected and the Federal Trade Commission — along with a bipartisan group of state attorneys general nationwide — brought a lawsuit against the social media company.

If successful, this lawsuit would “break Facebook apart.” Obviously, Zuckerberg would not want this to happen, and it is why the company has “ramped up its lobbying” and “launched a slew of internal initiatives focused on competition issues.”

Read the full story here.

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