BREAKING: Facebook’s Dirty Secret EXPOSED – Zuckerberg Furious

Facebook has been attempting to convince America that it has the nation’s best interest at heart.

But a recent report from Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona is shedding new light on the social media platforms nefarious hiring practices.

According to Breitbart News, Gosar said “Big tech companies are incentivized to hire foreign workers over Americans as he discussed President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda.”

So as American workers struggle to make ends meet, Joe Biden is paying companies like Facebook to extra to hire foreign workers.

If that sounds like the opposite of “America First,” then that’s because it is.

Speaking of the OPT, Gosar said “This is an unkept intrusion of foreign workers that gives benefits to people like big tech to bring in folks from China, and from Pakistan, and from India, and one of the problems that exists here is that you get a 15.5 percent discount to hire them over American citizens. That 15.5 percent discount is the FICA [Federal Insurance Contribution Act] withholding tax that puts money into Social Security and Medicare.”

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