BREAKING: Facebook Warning Terrifies Nation – It’s Going To Get Much Worse…

Commentator Dave Rubin predicted in a Breitbart interview that Big Tech political censorship will grow and worsen when Joe Biden comes into office in January.

“The ship has sailed with Big Tech,” Rubin declared. “If Biden gets in, and especially if [Democrats] have the Senate — Trump was the last thing that was stopping Big Tech from lowering the boom — but I think 2021 will be the year of the bannings. It’ll be soft bannings at first. It’ll be more algorithmic depressions, deboosting, shadowbanning, that sort of thing, but then they’ll start picking people off.”

“Big Tech has shown us what it is,” Rubin said, referring to election-altering censorship ahead of the 2020 election that probably made the difference between Biden’s election and Trump’s.

Rubin recalled, “Two weeks before the election — this is a little insider baseball stuff, but they changed the way you retweet, remember that, where you suddenly have to hit retweet twice to retweet instead of once — and and the reason they did that, obviously, was they were watching out for certain things they didn’t want going viral, perhaps things exposing fraud or whatever it might be after the election.”

Rubin marveled that the tech platforms aren’t even hiding their actions from the public. “They show you how fraudulent right in front of your face, they’re doing it in plain sight,” he said.

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