BREAKING: Facebook Election Scheme Exposed – Interference TERRIFYING

An alleged Facebook election scheme was just exposed by a former high-ranking government official. Interference could be around the corner and millions of people are stunned.

Referring to big tech companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino had one word to describe his concern over the possibility that they could interfere in the 2016 election: “Terrified.”

“There are so many things that they are doing,” Bongino continued. “It’s not just one thing — from the censoring of Donald Trump’s posts, suggesting they are doing some kind of fact-check and then they do the manipulated media thing as well.”

Bongino noted that he is more worried about big tech trying to tip the election toward the Biden-Harris ticket than he is about Russia or China. Democrats, of course, are back to their old talking points on “collusion” with Russia in particular.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) put forth the conspiracy theory again on CNN. “I am clear that Russia interfered in the election … in 2016,” she said. “And I do believe that there will be foreign interference in the 2020 election and that Russia will be at the front of the line.”

There you have it, folks. Harris is more concerned about Russia than big tech and here is why: Silicon Valley is in the tank for her and Biden. As Bongino said, however, Americans should keep an eye on big tech’s involvement instead — it is an actual threat to our election.

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