BREAKING: Facebook Election Interference Revealed – Congress To…

Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) said that “big tech has influenced and interfered with the 2020 race, and we’re going to have to address that,” after Facebook recently suspended a Republican ad campaign.

Hice went on to say that the actions by Facebook and other Big Tech companies “continue to highlight the absolute, essential nature of reforming Section 230.”

Congress has to make key reforms to break the power that Big Tech has gained over American politics. Well-funded companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are suppressing American voices they disagree with.

The decision to pull Republican ads four days before a key election highlights the need for change and exposes the clear bias held by Big Tech. There is no denying that companies like Google are in bed with the Democrat party.

These companies’ interference goes back years and has been a growing problem that sooner or later Congress must deal with. The question is, will Congressmen that benefit from the power of Google and Facebook be willing to hold them accountable?

Republicans winning in Georgia on Tuesday will be crucial to any reform that will rein in Big Tech. Democrats cannot be trusted to rein in forces that actively benefit them.

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