BREAKING: Explosive New Biden Scandal – Media Burying It

A new Biden scandal just exploded onto the scene, and the media is buying the excuses. Americans need to pay close attention to what’s happening and how it will impact the 2020 election.

The Democrat-controlled mainstream media appears to be ignoring former Vice President Joe Biden’s ties to Ukraine and China, particularly those of his son, Hunter Biden, and how they’ve influenced his father.

Bestselling author Peter Schweizer’s new book, ‘Secret Empires,’ reportedly documents “how Chinese and Ukrainian firms targeted the former vice president through his son, Hunter Biden,” noted one report.

In an interview, Schweizer said, “The problem is the corruption is being globalized.” He went on to note that Hunter Biden was able to score major business deals with Ukraine and China due to his father’s influence.

“What I think he had was a father who was point-person in the Obama administration on U.S. aid dollars flowing to Ukraine” and also “on policy toward China,” said Schweizer.

One of Joe Biden’s spokespersons dismissed Schweizer’s charge, saying the former VP will not entertain “a politically motivated hit piece based on a series of demonstrable, factual errors.”  We’ll see, Joe. We’ll see.

Read the full story here.

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