BREAKING: Evidence Proves Trump Was Right – Biden Is Not…

The overwhelming evidence just proved former President Donald Trump was right and Democrats are furious. President Joe Biden is not cutting it.

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, former White House adviser Jared Kushner praised the Trump administration’s work towards peace in the Middle East and passionately urged Biden to follow the same path.

Kushner said that “it would be a mistake not to build on the progress in the Middle East.” He noted, “Eliminating the ISIS caliphate and bringing about six peace agreements … has changed the paradigm.”

Ultimately, there is now real pressure on the Iranian regime to modernize — to abandon radicalism and terrorism and join the civilized world. However, Biden has to face this reality first if progress is going to continue.

“If it is smart, the Biden administration will seize this historic opportunity to unleash the Middle East’s potential, keep America safe, and help the region turn the page on a generation of conflict and instability,” Kushner said.

The biggest mistake possible, then, would be for Biden to capitulate to Iran and therefore isolate Israel — our nation’s strongest ally in the Middle East — by following the status quo, which Trump turned on its head.

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4 Responses

  1. Any body that did not know Biden was a problem long before the election was either really really stupid or such a hard core hater then they would have voted for anyone but trump.

    Look at the hate you have unleashed on american you stupid racist bigoted liberals / democrats. you should be ashamed but you are too dang stupid to know you should be ashamed.

  2. Not 80million votes election stolen Biden is suffering from a loss of cognitive ability it’s so obvious to all with a brain people vote to give up there freedom to get Trump out now there grandchildren are going to have to live in a communist country nowhere to go America is the only free country wake up people voting against grandchildren you are idiots and communists

  3. I know how did anyone not know that Joe who hid in his basement instead of campaigning covid or no covid, & when he did speak we didn’t know half the time what he was talking about & most of the time he didn’t know where he was or who his wife was, but you thought he could run our country!!??!!??!!??

  4. Biden told everybody what he was going to do before the election. He said he was going to raise out taxes. He said he was going to join the climate control bunch again, he said he was going to open the borders, stop construction on the wall, Allow the illegals and drugs and gangs like the MS-13 to come in and reinstate the catch and release garbage again. He said he was going to shut down the Keystone pipeline, he was going to reestablish negotiations with Iran, he was going to give amnesty to millions of illegals,. These things and more, we knew he was going to do and he is doing it. The Democrats voted for him anyway, and they stole the election so he would be President and do all these things. Why? None of it is good for the American people or this country. In fact it is killing this country. Are the Democrats happy with Biden? Most of them are. He’s exactly what they wanted.

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