BREAKING: Evidence Proves Democrats Are WRONG – New Numbers Shock Nation

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that assault rifles, or any kind of rifles, for that matter, only accounted for a tiny fraction of all deaths in 2018, the latest year data was available.

Unintentional falling accounted for 37,455 deaths that year, while rifles of all kinds only accounted for 297 deaths. This means 126 times more people died from falling than from rifles.

Despite the very small amount of people that died from rifles, the entire Democrat party is clamoring for gun control.

With that logic, I guess, we really should require everyone to ride around in wheelchairs. Stairs should also be banned immediately, or at least registered as lethal weapons.

If that doesn’t seem reasonable, why does banning or registering any kind of rifle seem like the right thing to do?

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  1. The gun control lobbyists won’t pay any attention to the facts !!! Children have a better understanding of common sense than the liberals do !!! Why don’t the liberals/democrats do something about the illegal weapons being used in crimes ??? They are afraid of their own shadows and will use any excuse to further their agenda !!!

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