BREAKING: Eric Swalwell Says He’s Done – GOP Stunned

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) just announced that he is completely done. The Republican Party is stunned — he is one of the most corrupt politicians in DC.

Swalwell served as the House impeachment manager during President Donald Trump’s second impeachment, and now he has the audacity to declare that he wants “to work in the great big center.”

In other words, now he is ready to act in a “bipartisan” manner. Don’t fall for it. Swalwell has helped to spearhead two impeachments against Trump — both of which ended in an acquittal by the Senate.

He was also “part of the House Intelligence Committee’s shadowy inquiry into the president, much of which took place behind closed doors,” reported Breitbart News. No one is going to be fooled.

Swalwell is all talk. Even his so-called “case” against Trump was flimsy, relying on the accusation of “inciting” the Capitol riot on January 6. During the Senate trial, he even decided against bringing forth witnesses.

Why? Because allowing witnesses would’ve meant that Republicans could call their own witnesses. Swalwell knew that this wouldn’t end well politically, so he and Pelosi decided against it. Swalwell is a partisan hack.

Read the full story here.

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