BREAKING: Eric Swalwell Conspiracy Goes Deeper – Nation Shocked

House Intelligence Committee member Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT) appeared on a Thursday broadcast of Fox New’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” where he reacted to the FBI stonewalling over Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA).

Swalwell was caught in a relationship with an individual suspected to be a Chinese spy. The news sent Washington into chaos as Swalwell sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

The discovery of his compromising relationship has led to calls for Swalwell to be removed from his important position and calls for an investigation. However, those efforts at investigation are being stonewalled by the FBI, who canceled briefings with House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Representative Stewart said of the FBI that they “just fundamentally don’t understand that they work for the American people, that they have to respond to the American people. They’re not an entity unto themselves.”

Stewart didn’t let the FBI off lightly, saying, “How in the world do you tell the majority — or the Minority Leader in the U.S. House, Kevin McCarthy, hey, sorry, we had something come up. We can’t come down and brief you on Eric Swalwell, we’re a little bit too busy today? I mean, that’s outrageous that they would do that. Now, to do it once, maybe, but to do it again and again as we’ve seen is — the arrogance of it is just incredible to me.”

Democrats would go ballistic if the FBI refused to brief them on a Republican allegedly compromised by a Russian spy. The FBI cannot be trusted as they are politically motivated, and Americans cannot forget that.

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