BREAKING: Eric Swalwell Caught In Spy Scandal – He’s DONE

Rep. Josh Hawley (R-MO) responded on Tuesday to allegations by Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) that voting in the country would be “gone” if Republicans win the midterms, saying that Swalwell’s only accomplishment is being a “consort for a Chinese spy.”

“But let me put it to this way, Tucker. What he is — yes, indeed — what he is voicing is the politics of fear that the Democratic Party has been pushing on this country for a whole year now,” Hawley said. “It’s the only thing they have to offer the country. It is fear, and what they’re trying to do with it is to consolidate their power.”

Democrats have “weaponized the FBI against parents” and “called demonstrators insurrectionists,” he said.

But Hawley expressed hope in the American people despite all of the efforts of Democrats to scare people.

“And this is going to be the year, Tucker, I think, where Americans reject fear,” he said.

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