BREAKING: Epstein Sex Crime Bombshell – Nation Can’t Believe It…

Ghislaine Maxwell, the girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein who was arrested on sex trafficking and perjury charges in July, was indicted on two new charges by a New York court on Monday.

Maxwell, who is being held without bail, had sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking charges added to her existing charges.

She was denied bail on three separate occasions, even after she offered to renounce her British and French citizenships and allow a judge to monitor her assets.

In October 2020, Maxwell was being strip-searched every three hours to keep her from committing suicide.

Prosecutors say Maxwell recruited and groomed underage girls for Epstein in the 1990s and that she lied during a deposition in Epstein’s case before he died in prison.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

  1. Well they have a picture of the rapist clinton in a blue dress and red heels. Prince Andrew was also involved, chrissy teigen deleted hundreds of emails to epstein makes you wonder how many Hollywood elists, millionairs and billionaires used the Lolita express to epstein’s island. I’m surprised that Maxwell is still alive and hasn’t had her hands tied and hung herself.

  2. 1. Epstein is not dead, no body was shown, he did however have a face lift, new identity, protection and relocation courtesy of his friends in high places.
    2. And yet Biden is completely free and protected from human trafficking charges for his aiding and abetting cartels traffic at the border.

  3. The burning question everyone should have about now is why hasn’t this person gone to trial yet. She is obviously a very bad egg with huge amounts of highly sensitive knowledge…it reads like she is being protected/hidden to keep her information from the public eye

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