BREAKING: Epstein Murder Witness Bombshell – Truth Comes Out

Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison for her crimes committed in unison with Jeffrey Epstein.

By relation, that means she must also have a bunch of dirt on the Clintons as well, right?

Probably, because Maxwell’s current cell mate has come forward stating that she has been offered great sums of money in order to kill the woman who very well might have the dirt on the Clintons.

Maxwell was convicted of helping recruit sex abuse victims for Jeffrey Epstein between 1994 and 2004.

Whether it’s because she’s scared of her life or not, Maxwell REALLY doesn’t want to be in jail right now.

She even went so far as the renounce both her French and British citizenships in an effort to show a New York Judge that she wouldn’t flee to those countries.

It didn’t work. He sentenced her anyway.

According to Maxwell’s cellmate, the Clintons could be experiencing a very convenient death for their plans yet again.

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