BREAKING: Epstein Lawyer Reveals Royal Family Secret – SICK

Barry Salzman, a lawyer representing victims of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, revealed that Britain’s Prince Andrew was essentially forced into reaching a settlement with Virginia Guiffre.

Guiffre accused Prince Andrew of raping her when she was trafficked by Epstein at the age of 17. Prince Andrew has held the same stance that “I didn’t do it,” since 2019.

Salzman explained that “I don’t think he settled because he somehow had some change of heart, that he felt bad or anything like that, I think that it was simply his head was in a vise and he had no choice.”

Prince Andrew was hoping to gain crucial legal wins that would allow him to escape Guiffre’s lawsuit, but those wins never came and he was left without any other options.

One of the greatest factors that forced Prince Andrew to settle was being abandoned by the royal family. Salzman referenced this saying that the royal family’s move created a “public relations nightmare” for Prince Andrew.

Unfortunately, as a result of this settlement, Prince Andrew may have escaped a true trial that would have exposed every sordid detail of his crimes. But at least Giuffre got some semblance of restitution for the trauma inflicted on her.

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