Breaking: Epstein Jail Guard CONFESSION – I KNEW IT

The guards responsible for checking in on Jeffrey Epstein have turned down a plea bargain that would have involved pleading guilty to falsifying records.

The plea deal suggests that there is a criminal investigation in place, as there were severe irregularities surrounding Epstein’s death. This only lends more credit to the idea that Jeffrey Epstein, who was being investigated for child sex trafficking, did not kill himself.

The rejection of the plea deal is an interesting development. The records at the institution Epstein was held at were falsified, and the two guards were the only possible suspects.

The guards were supposed to check on Epstein every 30 minutes, but they failed to do so and the logs were falsified to show they had. Both officers are on administrative leave while the investigation goes on.

Epstein’s alleged suicide at the most secure federal institution already raises a litany of questions.

The people who Epstein could have taken down with him further enforces the idea of foul play. Lots of powerful people would have gone down had Epstein testified. Now he never will.

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