[BREAKING]: Epstein Jail Footage BOMBSHELL – Video Is…

A bombshell just dropped about footage taken outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell. The video has raised many questions as investigators piece together the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to reports, the video from this particular camera is completely unusable — and no one currently knows why. However, there were other cameras recording as well that are expected to have better footage during the time Epstein died.

Even so, it is difficult not to wonder whether the footage from this camera was tampered with somehow. Nothing can be taken off the table, especially considering it should have been impossible for Epstein to kill himself in the first place.

There’s no question that Attorney General William Barr is working overtime to unravel the mystery. Since Epstein’s death was announced, Barr quickly ordered major changes at the prison — including reassigning the facility’s warden.

He has already noted that “serious irregularities” occurred, with the failure to “adequately secure” Epstein being one of them. There’s no telling how deep this rabbit hole will go.

But one thing is absolutely certain: Epstein’s victims deserve justice and the world deserves to know the full truth. Epstein cannot be allowed to take his secrets to the grave.

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