BREAKING: Epstein Evidence Points To Clinton – Nation Stunned

Evidence on deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein just dropped and it points to the Clintons. Millions of people across the nation are completely stunned — the truth cannot be denied.

“Documents unsealed by court order Thursday […] allege former President Bill Clinton was seen on the private island where Epstein was alleged to have taken underage girls,” reported Breitbart News.

Furthermore, the only mainstream media outlets “that covered the story are Newsweek, New York Daily News, Yahoo! News, The Intellectualist, and the Italian news site La Repubblica.”

All of the other outlets that reported the alleged Clinton link found in these documents were considered “right, right-leaning, and far-right,” and this should explain everything you need to know.

The mainstream media didn’t want to touch this story because of what it would mean for the Clintons — a family they have protected ever since Clinton was president of the United States.

Even more than that, though, the Clinton connection to Epstein would create a political firestorm during an election year — proving the Democratic Party’s ties to the convicted pedophile.

Read the full story here.

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