BREAKING: Epstein Evidence Bombshell – Photo Shows The Truth…

Bombshell evidence just dropped in billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal case. While the convicted pedophile is dead, his former associates are being investigated and the stunning photos show the truth.

“The case involving Ghislaine Maxwell  — the alleged madam of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — includes ‘nude’ and ‘sexualized’ photos and video as highly confidential evidence, according to court filings,” reported Breitbart News.

According to Breitbart, based upon a report from the New York Daily News, the FBI “found a stash of nude photographs of underage girls” in Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion in New York. The evidence could be damning for Maxwell.

In fact, authorities outlined this discovery and others “in a 13-page document … that Manhattan federal prosecutors will share with Maxwell’s defense team” before her trial begins. For now, she is locked up in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.

Maxwell could be facing at least 35 years in prison, meaning she would be 93-years-old by the term her sentence would expire. As evidence is unearthed, however, it wouldn’t be a surprise for additional charges to materialize.

Either way, justice will be served. Attorney General William Barr has promised that the DOJ would continue to pursue Epstein’s case and investigation anyone close to him. He has been good on his word.

Read the full story here.

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