BREAKING: Epstein Death Shocker – Reports Were True…

A new episode of 60 Minutes set to air on Sunday says that accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a number of curous items in his Manhattan jail cell when he was found dead in August.

Multiple bedsheets, an electrical cord, prescription pills and a handwritten note were found in Epstein’s cell along with his body. The medical examiner ruled the death a suicide in spite of what several experts called inconsistencies in the medical records and suspicious circumstances surrounding the night he died.

Inmates were normally not allowed to have those items, especially if they had just been on suicide watch recently, as Epstein had.

Two prison guards have also been charged with falsifying records and conspiracy after they failed to check on Epstein every half-hour as they were supposed to do.

Several broken bones were inconsistent with suicide by hanging, only occurring in rare cases. Forensic experts said that the broken bones were more often seen in cases of being strangled than with suicide.

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