BREAKING: Epstein Case EXPLODES – Secret Evidence Is…

The case surrounding deceased billionaire and convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein just exploded. The secret evidence could be revealed any moment now and people are anxious to know the full truth. This is a stunning development.

“A federal judge could make public Ghislaine Maxwell’s previous testimony regarding her sex life as the alleged madam of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein faces charges on enticing minors to engage in illegal sexual activities,” reported Breitbart News.

United States District Judge Loretta Preska recently held a conference to discuss the possibility, at which point Maxwell’s lawyer protested about the “intrusive questioning” from the testimony. It is reportedly part of five sets of documents that could soon be unsealed in the case.

Ever since Epstein’s death, which was fraught with controversy, federal authorities had been searching for Maxwell — one of Epstein’s closest confidantes and alleged “fixers” who sought out young women. She has been held without bond since her arrest in early July.

The effort to bring about justice in this case has been spearheaded by Attorney General William Barr, who announced that he would not rest until the guilty pay for their involvement in Epstein’s predatory, criminal enterprise. And now all the pieces are falling into place.

It is a high probability that Maxwell will name names as well, meaning the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ of high-profile individuals that could be implicated in Epstein’s wrongdoing is massive. Those who have abused their power are about to be exposed for the entire world to see.

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