BREAKING: Emergency Declared In America – Joe Biden Refuses To…

The mayor of an Arizona border town has declared a state of emergency there after the federal government repeatedly dropped a large number of illegal immigrants there but didn’t provide any resources to deal with them.

Gila Bend Mayor Chris Riggs told Neil Cavuto on Fox News that immigrants were being repeatedly dropped off at the town and left there, and that the town doesn’t have the resources to handle them.

“Effective tonight at our council meeting, our emergency order will become official,” Riggs said. “After yesterday’s drop, it really showed we do not have the resources to handle all these people being dropped in on us by border patrol and that we need help.”

“I have requested multiple times for information about assistance. I’m not getting it,” Riggs continued. “The only other alternative I have is to declare an emergency and really try to force people’s hands to provide me with the resources I need for what the federal government’s doing to us.”

Yet another example of the Biden administration’s incompetence, to put all of these policies in place but have no plan to deal with the fallout caused by their grand plans.

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8 Responses

  1. Time for this CLUELESS INCOMPETENT PUPPET – to get his butt down to the border instead of hiding out in Delaware or camp David playing video games
    Our country is being torn apart by a man who only acts on what Dems tell him to do – DISGUSTING

    1. Well that’s nice and all, but even if He did go to the border, He would forget its the border, and why people are walking around, not to mention where one country ends and the US begins!!

  2. In my opinion, it’s time for some resignations or recalls,impeachments or whatever and replace Dems with some competent leadership in DC. These people don’t have a clue how to run a country competently! God save us all!

  3. Didn’t Arizona vote Biden into office … I think he won Arizona and got all the ‘electoral votes’ — so deal with your poor decisions!

    1. Possible, but a lot of the Republican votes, didn’t get counted —- Saw a live news interview; one lady and their whole neighborhood, were given Pins, which “seeped” through; to fill out their forms (instead of the Pins for those sheets); therefore, their Ballots were invalid. She said that happen to all the Republicans. Rigged election? Yes!! That also happen other places!! When will people “wake up” and accept the fact this was not an honest election!!! Check what happen in other states!!!!

  4. You voted for him – live up to his expectations !!! You, as a state, have no room to complain – you helped put him in office !!! Aren’t you glad of the wrong you have brought this country to !!!

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