BREAKING: Ellen Degeneres Bombshell – Sexual Assault Charges…

Multiple staff members on the Ellen Degeneres Show are facing sexual assault and harassment allegations, according to dozens of former employees of the show interviewed by Buzzfeed News.

Executive producer and head writer Kevin Leman is accused of grabbing a male employee’s penis and asking for sexual favors from another employee as well as making frequent sexually explicit comments in the office.

Another executive producer also tried to perform a sexual act on a fellow employee, while a third, who has now been fired, touched women in ways that made them uncomfortable and used fear and intimidation to control employees.

Degeneres said she didn’t know about the misconduct and apologized in an internal letter for not realizing what was going on.

Former employees didn’t buy her apology, however, and feel that she should have heard the rumors like others in the office.

Read the full story here.

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