BREAKING: Elites’ Secret Plan To Destroy America – Here’s The Proof

A German economist is warning that the world elite is enacting the “Great Reset” that will plunge us into an economic depression more devastating than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Dr. Antony Mueller, Professor of Economics at the Federal University of Sergipe in Brazil, warned that the coronavirus is being used as a cover by the elite to destroy the middle class and small businesses.

The lockdowns advocated for by Democrats have done little to stop the spread of coronavirus. Instead, they have crushed thousands of small businesses and hastened corporations’ rise as they fill the vacuum left by small businesses.

Dr. Mueller said, “Most people have not noticed yet because at the moment governments can afford to give them subsidies and welfare payments. But the question is: ‘For how long?’ We know this money is coming to an end and that it will soon be over. Next, you will see massive unemployment all over Europe as one country pulls down another country.”

This is a wake-up call for Americans, the elite are pulling strings, and they will plunge us into anarchy in their bid for unlimited power.

President Trump was one of the last bulwarks we had against the global elite and their nefarious schemes. Without President Trump, it may already be too late to stop the Great Reset.

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