BREAKING: Electoral College REVERSAL – Joe Biden Stunned

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) said that if the vote is limited to “lawful votes cast,” Joe Biden lost the electoral college. In that case, the election will be decided by state delegations in the House of Representatives.

Representative Brooks explained: “In the House of Representatives, it is not a majority of the congressmen that elect the president of the United States if no candidate got a majority of the Electoral College votes. It is a majority of the state delegations.”

This is where things get better for President Trump should the election go to the House of Representatives. Republicans would control a majority of state legislatures despite their minority status in the House.

Representative Brooks continued, “There are 26, maybe 27 delegations that have a majority Republican congress[members], and there are about 20 delegations that have majority Democrat members of Congress. So, that’s the breakdown, with three or four being a tie.”

This scenario that Representative Brooks described is becoming more realistic with Pennsylvania reviewing a lawsuit that alleges that vote-by-mail expansions violated the Pennsylvania state constitution.

The fight is by no means over for President Trump and the Republican party. It would be advisable that Democrats not write Trump off too soon.

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