BREAKING: Election Theft BOMBSHELL – New Report Stuns Nation

A massive bombshell about election theft just dropped. This new report has stunned the nation — and the so-called “Democratic Party” is behind it all.

During an interview with Breitbart News, Ken Cuccinelli, the former Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security for the Trump administration, exposed the Democrats’ vote-stealing plan.

Our southern border is in shambles, but Cuccinelli said it is by design. “They don’t want to slow this down,” he said. “You and I see a crisis they see a voter registration line. It’s intentional.”

The next step, of course, will be to provide a swift path to citizenship, which will amount to de facto amnesty. But even illegal immigrants may be able to vote if Democrats get their way.

Under Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s H.R. 1, the dubiously named “For the People Act,” Cuccinelli said that it is written to open the door to illegal immigrants voting. The bill’s text makes that clear.

“One of the aspects of [H.R. 1] is that it requires — it mandates — that states put every adult — ‘individual’ is the word used in the bill, not ‘citizen’ — that’s in their state databases … into their voter registration database,” said Cuccinelli.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

  1. As I have said may times US Constitutional law must be enforce if We The People are to remain a free and Constitutional Republic . To that end , Only LEGAL US Citizens are allowed to vote in US Elections . Also to that end anyone obtaining US Citizenship must do that in accordance with US Constitutional Law.

  2. say NO to automatic registration, there is NO excuse for a person who wants to be registered voter not to get off their duff and go register, if y pu are too lazy to register then you should not be eligible for any Government freebies

  3. What an insult to US citizens- this cannot happen without a revolution and execution of democrats pushing this stupid, illegal and one-way benefit. Illegals can’t vote, period or receive benefits of regular citizens. Our congress is violating US law and should be jailed or lose their overpaid jobs. Someone needs to terminate pelosi before she goes any further.

  4. Vote – in person – with a voter ID card !!! It’s time this nation was one – A NATION – and not a wanna-be citizen republic – of which the dead even vote and are counted !!!

  5. One thing Democrats have not considered. The incoming people are nearly all hard core Catholics. They will mostly vote against abortion. Democrats might get a nasty surprise.

  6. This is unconstitutional!!!! Any Senator or Representative who votes for this should be removed from office for treasonous act!

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