BREAKING: Election Reversal Shocks Nation – New Numbers Show GOP Is…

A stunning election ‘reversal’ just shocked the nation. The new numbers are in and the Republican Party can’t believe it. This is incredible.

“A slight majority of Republicans said they want to see a ‘fresh face’ run for President in 2024, while one-third indicated they would like to see ‘a candidate who has already run in the past,'” reported Breitbart News on a new Rasmussen poll of likely GOP voters.

According to the survey, “52 percent of Republicans and 49 percent of conservatives” indicated that they would prefer a “fresh face,” while “33 percent of Republicans” said they would like someone who has “run in the past.”

Furthermore, even if President Donald Trump doesn’t compete for the 2024 nomination, 72 percent of Republicans indicated that they wanted someone “more like President Trump.” This is an interesting observation.

Regardless of whether a likely GOP voter preferred a “fresh face” or someone who has “run in the past,” over 70 percent of total respondents are supportive of a populist, Trump-style candidate.

Respondents who identified as “conservative” were “split 67 percent to 28 percent” on the question, showing that nearly 30 percent of self-identified conservatives in the survey would like a more traditional option.

Read the full story here.

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