BREAKING: Election Reversal Shocks Democrats – Trump Is Smiling

The news just dropped about an election ‘reversal’ and Democrats are shocked. President Donald Trump is smiling — his political opponents never expected this to happen at the eleventh hour.

Appearing on Fox Business, Trump attorney Sidney Powell told host Maria Bartiromo that “we’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states.” She explained her detailed reasons during the interview.

Powell said that Peter Neffenger — a member of Joe Biden’s transition team — is “on the board of directors of Smartmatic,” which she alleged has a history of voter fraud. “We have evidence from 2016 in California,” she said.

She even mentioned “sworn witness testimony” the campaign has in possession of the alleged purpose behind Smartmatic’s software. Powell claimed that “it was designed to rig elections.”

So, while Democrats and the mainstream media brush off these claims, Trump himself may end up having the very last laugh. Even if his campaign’s findings don’t end up changing the outcome this time, the president is doing us all a service.

Americans deserve to have confidence in their election process, and there is too much evidence to ignore now of irregularities and possibly even fraud. Biden’s plan to smoothly waltz into the White House could be short-lived.

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