BREAKING: Election REVERSAL Announcement – Nation In Shock

The news just dropped about an election ‘reversal’ and people are stunned by the announcement. Millions of Americans nationwide are shocked.

“President Joe Biden issued an executive order on ‘access to voting’ … that instructs federal government agencies to promote voter registration, help Americans apply to vote by mail, and ‘combat misinformation,'” reported Breitbart News.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, in Biden’s executive order, which can be read here, he is trying to fundamentally alter the voting landscape. He wants to even push “promoting voter registration for federal prisoners.”

The end result of Biden’s effort is clear: Less in-person voting, more mail-in voting, and getting votes from the all-important prison population (apparently). Another line is particularly laughable.

In the order, Biden promotes using “approved, nonpartisan third-party organizations” to help people register to vote, particularly at federal agencies. But astute observers already know what this means.

Liberal organizations will come under the guise of “nonpartisan, third-party organizations” and completely escape scrutiny. Everyone needs to pay attention and oppose Biden’s executive power grab on behalf of his party.

Read the full story here.

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9 Responses

  1. What happened to the law as when you are in prison, you lose all of your rights. No one in jail should be given any rights to do any such thing -for sure the voting rights !!!!! Quit allowing all the changes to be made by this administration.

  2. What the hell is wrong with this man they call our president. He needs to have his brain tested. FAST. Before he gives this country away. Impeach him. 25 th amendment him. Do something. He is wrong this election is a total lie. He lied about health. This election should be Null An Void. Put President Trump back where he belongs

  3. Incarcerated felons loose their rights! WTH is going on? Biden is a mad man with a pen! Impeach him, but first, impeach Piglosi, get her out, then impeach the entire Biden cabinet, and Biden, Harris and the rest!

  4. This whole cast of Democrat politicians should get an award for the sneakiest people on earth. I really doubt that Biden even knows what is going on, Polosi and Schumer are running this along with AOC and the squad and Bernie Sanders. This is what the idiots that voted for this guy have left this country wide open to. We now have to worry that people in prison and illegals have more rights that we do. Pretty quick they will be flinging open the cells and putting them on our streets along with the illegals and their un checked covid!

  5. All part of the big diversity picture .now we have a mentally defective president. can’t be more diverse than that . Unless we put him in a iron lung . Or not, this mess isn’t moving fast enough for the left ,they’ll 25th him soon or kill him outright . Hey Joe don’t stand close to the edge of anything high when you’re around kami ,I know I wouldn’t

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