BREAKING: Election Result REVERSAL – Democrats Furious

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) has bowed down to pressure from the left and reversed his stance on the election results.

The Oklahoma Senator issued an apology to constituents in North Tulsa on Thursday after questioning the results of the 2020 election.

In the letter, Lankford said his decision to question the election “caused a firestorm of suspicion among many of my friends, particularly in Black communities around the state. I was completely blindsided, but I also found a blind spot.”

Lankford has bowed to the left’s pressure and is buying into the narrative that questioning the election is really questioning the validity of black votes.

Lankford continued saying, “What I did not realize was all of the national conversation about states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, was seen as casting doubt on the validity of votes coming out of predominantly Black communities like Atlanta, Philadelphia. Detroit.”

Lankford’s apology came after Democrats in Oklahoma began calling for his resignation, and it seems Lankford is trying to save his position. Such weakness must be noted, and Lankford should never be trusted to stand strong and fight for what is right.

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