BREAKING: Election Interference BOMBSHELL – They Admit It

An election interference bombshell just dropped — they admitted it publicly. The American people deserve accountability for this scandal now.

“Whether or not Facebook decides to reinstate former President Trump’s account in the coming months will likely have major consequences for Trump’s political power and possible future campaign,” said the left-leaning NPR on social media.

NPR’s admission is staggering. As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway noted, “Interesting way of admitting how much election interference and election meddling against Republicans that our tech companies can do and have done!”

The story of the 2020 presidential election is obvious: Big Tech deliberately meddled in the free speech of Trump and his supporters, while also censoring information unflattering to Joe Biden.

This is why Trump rightly pushed for the repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Under Section 230, social media companies get special protection from legal consequences.

As a result of the last election, we know that social media platforms are not platforms at all — they are publishers and editorializes. As a result, they need to be treated that way. Repeal Section 230.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses

  1. There isn’t enough space on this comment field to put what needs to be said. This Biden administration is a joke. I still can’t believe the voter put this guy in office. There’s no way if this election was on the up and up this brain dead guy would of been elected. He is totally brain dead when he says the whites should be less white. What does he want us to do? I know get out and March with the BLM and start rioting and learn how to tear down business and set them on fire. That’s really make sense coming from an old albino white guy. The media think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I honestly think he’s gotta squat to pee.

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  3. What other means can we use to get not only President Trump’s honest messaging out, but also all the Conservatives running in our elections? Democrats have stymied free speech and used the biased hypocrite media to censor, or not print the truth that is the message of Conservatives. Other than the already on air freedom loving unbiased messaged coming from the very few news outlets on the air, what else do we have at our disposal? I know the money hungry leftist biased news media outlets live on the greed for money, used to could be bought, I don’t know if we would have enough to pay what they would be wanting. Facebook and twitter would definitely not allow positive messages to be shared over their brainwashed social media. What else do we have??

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