BREAKING: Election Interference Bombshell Rocks Arizona – The Proof Is…

The Maricopa County Arizona Board of Supervisors has refused a second meeting in two days with the Arizona Senate to discuss concerns about the equipment and materials provided for an audit of the 2020 presidential election in the county.

“In your letter, you invite us to attend a meeting at the Arizona State Capitol on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 1:00 p.m., and you request that we bring Election Department officials who would have knowledge of our elections procedures,” they wrote in response to the request.

“We will not be attending,” they continued. “We will not be responding to any additional inquiries from your ‘auditors.’ Their failure to understand basic election processes is an indication you didn’t get the best people to perform in your political theatre.”

The board was indignant about accusations from the Senate that a database was missing, but auditors later reported that they found the database in materials from the board.

One way or another, the audit seems to have been delegitimized enough that it won’t be taken too seriously by anyone, whether it finds any irregularities or not.

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17 Responses

  1. It’s time for America grow their kahunas back and stand up to the snakes and put their foot on the heads of the snakes and said you will do this, the American people demand it.

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  4. The Dems say the election was legit.
    The GOP say fraud was involved.
    One is correct, but which one?
    Only way to find out is to do an audit.
    Why is one faction trying to block the audit?
    I can guess why.

  5. The Democrats KNOW that IF FRAUD is found in Arizona then the rest of the swing state chips will FALL!! ALL swing states had FRAUD because the Democrats picked them to run their SCAM on to win!! All the Democrats will do is try to blow enough smoke to stop the sudits because they want to do it again in 2022, which WE CANNOT ALLOW at all costs!! Another scam like 2020 and the country will break apart for good!!

  6. Arizona is not the only republican state to be looking into the past election fraud. I don’t care what the democrats say about their election being over it’s still theft, and it still requires a look at what took place. I remember during the start of the elections mail in votes were being found ripped up and dumped in the trash and rivers. This was at the beginning of the vote. Irregularities’ were being reported but no one seemed to care. Now that things have slowed down, it’s necessary to take a hard look at the ballots and determine weather or not there is no voter problems or their is fraud.

  7. I believe it went way beyond just the swing states. I believe there was fraud in all 50 states. Do you really think Joe Biden was affraid of losing, when he did no campaigning. WHAT DID HE KNOW? Well, he told us, they had the biggest fraud campaign set up like they did when obama was elected. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THIS ELECTION BE NULL AND VOID! WE DEMAND A NEW ELECTION AND WE WANT IT NOW!

  8. Don’t give up Arizona, You are in the right. Don’t let the left/liberals/communist intimidate you. The American people are behind you and know that there was fraud and that is why there is so much pressure to stop the audit.

    1. As the doctorates in computers science stated 82% in every county in every state in age bracket 21 to 36 voted for Biden. The same number appear in the 2010 census. I guess it’s a minor thing after all 120% voter turnout is not surprising. After all the computers were “off the grid” and couldn’t be access. Yep I believe there was no voter fraud by Dominion Software. Besides they were the only ones that had the access codes……

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  11. I am with you on this. Only way to correct it is paper ballots and vote in person except our military and they have to ask for a ballot

  12. While I applaud your claimed success, I will also be reporting you to the IRS for a full and complete audit of tax returns to make sure you are paying taxes on your claimed income.
    Have a nice day..

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