BREAKING: Election Fraud Report Stuns Fox News – Host DUMBFOUNDED

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), a candidate for Alabama’s U.S. Senate, got into a heated argument with “Fox News Sunday” host Sandra Smith after she claimed that there was no evidence of election fraud affecting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Brooks was explaining why he had lost former President Trump’s endorsement for Senator and stated that “He was robbed, in my judgment, in 2020. In his judgment, he was robbed.”

Smith responded to that by saying, “And just to go on the record, there has been still no evidence or proof provided that there was any sort of fraud in that election.”

Brooks quickly fired back saying, “That is absolutely false. You keep saying it every time, but that’s absolutely false. You had 150 congressmen and senators who absolutely disagree with you on what you just said. So what are you calling them? What are you calling them when you say 150 Republican senators and congressmen looked at the voter fraud issue and said there was a major problem?”

Fox News may have a reputation as a right-wing version of CNN, but reality simply doesn’t reflect that. For as conservative as Fox News is, there are still individuals who refuse to accept that there are major issues with our elections.

Brooks’ decision to stand by the truth, even if it meant defending Trump’s decision to rescind his endorsement, is admirable. This exchange between Brooks and Smith is a helpful reminder that our election system is still highly vulnerable.

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